While the UK government is yet to give us their final verdict regarding the Electric Scooter program, chances are you are living in France, Germany or Austria or anywhere in the world where riding an electric scooter is OK. If you are from outside of the UK, where E-Scooter is legal, then I’ve piled up some reasons to choose Electric Scooter to commute.

In this article, I’ll try my best to avoid the word ‘UK’. Because as we all know this country is far behind than other European countries when it comes to reliability and coping with the Electric Scooter…

Best Electric Scooter or 2021.
Best Electric Scooter or 2021.

The best Electric Scooter has to be lightweight and can be folded in half. There is no chance for an alternative. As we all know electric scooter is the last-mile solution, you can’t give an e-scooter the ‘best e-scooter badge’ if it doesn’t have these qualities.

The electric scooter market has evolved night and day in some recent years. There are a lot of new companies that have dipped their tows in this electric vehicle water. As a result, now there are many electric scooters available for adults. …

Business owners today should be aware of the technology which will potentially help boost their business. With the way, competition is now, online and mobile presence is a MUST. Years back, business owners thought little of having an online presence. Today, more than an online presence, businesses need to shift their online activities to mobile, as apps for smartphones have become very important marketing tools, particularly for small business owners.

The rise in smartphone usage has led to mobile phones being used as a prime marketing tool for large, medium and small companies. It was found that mobile apps are…


We all love Social Medias and most of us have one. It is easy to use and people are attracted to it. Social Media is an easy way to target people and make them into customers, right? So, why do I still need to create a website for my business?

Professionally I am a marketer. I know what is the heart of a business and what is a business marketing tool. I have seen hundreds and thousands of business owners who are very much happy with their FB or IG or TikTok business page. As I said earlier, Social Medias…


At Smack Mobility, we not only sell Electric Scooters or Hoverboards. We also care about our riders by providing them valuable content about their safety. We talk about several safety protocols here like the Importance of Safety and Protective Gear When Riding Electric Scooter, When should you replace your Electric Scooter Helmet, etc.

While you might think, a helmet is just a helmet but it is important to make sure that it fits you perfectly, it has all the required features that you need, and most importantly it doesn’t fall off when riding an Electric Scooter.

Here in this article, we are suggesting to you our essential guide to buying the best helmet.

Helmet Buying Guide for Electric Scooter Rider
Helmet Buying Guide for Electric Scooter Rider
Helmet Buying Guide for Electric Scooter Rider

Helmet Design

Helmets are designed to do one job and one job only — to protect your head from an impact in an event of an accident. If a hard protective shell is there around your head, then the severity of the impact will reduce. And this impact reduction will certainly save your head from severe injury.

Helmets come with hundreds of designs, shapes, and weights. Some are lightweight, some have aerodynamic, some have good airflow vents, some…

Interior 3D Rendering

By using 3D rendering services, you’ll be able to visualise creative new house designs, long before construction is begun. Also, the ability to outsource the work to specialised rendering firms leverages the talent of designers very powerfully. It means that creative young architects and building designers, who are not part of the corporate mainstream, can exhibit innovative ideas.

3D House Visualisation Services

Not only is the technology to render designs in three dimensions widely available, but the people with the expertise to wrangle the most realistic visualisations are available as well. There are many 3D house visualisation services throughout Australia. …

The internet is evolving so rapidly that it is becoming the central environment of business activity. Therefore, it is important to focus on the future and implement a smart eCommerce website design strategy now, using our E-commerce website development solutions.

An Ecommerce website will improve the distribution, selling, purchasing, marketing, ease management, and improve the delivery of products and services through the Internet.

As there are many Web Development & Web Design agency in Sydney, they are capable to create Ecommerce websites with advanced functionality, powered by strong and robust customization possibilities.

The internet is evolving so rapidly that is…

Best Dish Soap for Baby Bottles

Right after welcoming your little champ into the world, it is very hard to interact with any foreign object. Your baby’s body is so much sensitive in the days of growing up. And as a parent, it is your duty to look after your baby’s safety. You have to look after what the eat and where are they coming from. Because your little champ’s immune system has just started building and you have to ensure that your baby’s environment is clean and free of harmful things.

That’s why you should invest in some specific hygiene cleaning and care products that…

Magento or Shopify?

E-commerce business owners need to create, manage and maintain an online store. And it is the most important part of their e-commerce business. It is a critical issue for either be successful or failure in the online business. It becomes more critical for a small business who has a little resource and low budget. There are many E-commerce platforms out there but the most popular right now are Magento and Shopify. Shopify is the king of ‘Self-hosted — all in one’ platform and on the other hand, Magento is the long-time ruling king of ‘Larger and complex’ E-commerce platform (Open-Source).

Redmi Note 8

A new feather is going to be added in the cap of the Xiaomi’s sub-brand Redmi. Redmi Note 8 series is awaiting to be released soon in Chine and Indian market. In a new leaked photo of Redmi’s new TV advertisement shows that a boy is holding a Redmi Note 8 while shooting. We can only see the backside of the handset. The Redmi Note 8 series will have a greenish gradient finish. A rear-mounted fingerprint sensor also spotted on an odd section of the phone. Right under the camera, there is a physical fingerprint sensor. I am really afraid…

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